EAS System Barcode Soft Label RF 8.2MHz  - 1,000 PCS
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EAS soft Labels protect: books, jewelry, accessories, bottles, and boxed items, and any other small or hard to tag products.

The 4x4 RF label is the most popular size EAS label, great for any product where a hard tag will not be sufficient.  Security label has a fake barcode printed on it to simulate inventory stocking items.  The bar code labels use a strong adhesive to stick to products.



Top Side: Barcode

Circuit Side: Green

Antenna Size: 1.57x1.57 inches

Distance Between Labels on Release Liner: 0.12 inches

Maximum Thickness of Label: ≈ 200 µm

Adhesive: Hot melt /Acrylic Adhesive

Frequency: 8.2 MHz (± 5%)

Quality Factor: Q ≈ 60 (on average)

Operating Distance: Up to 6 ft. in Gate Configuration

Quantity: 1,000 per roll´╗┐



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EAS System Barcode Soft Label RF 8.2MHz - 1,000 PCS

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