EAS Mini Hard Gray Tag - 250 PCS
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 These mini tags protect: clothings, dress, hats, and other accessories.  This security tag is a great lightweight visual theft deterrent. These tags are use for Flat Heads, Conea, or Ink pins to secure sensor to merchandise. The Mini Hard Security Tag can be used with a loop lanyard with pin, or pin lanyard to protect shoes, bags, and some sports equipment. This retail store security tag requires a standard magnetic detacher to remove the pin.  the pins are included with this item.


Brand Name: XLD
Model Number: XLD-Y08

Frequency: 8.2MHz

Dimension: 50mm

Color: gray

Detection range: 1.5m - 2.1 m


Product Description:

Model: XLD-Y08

Color: Gray

Diameter: 50mm


CTN size:36x36x24CM






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EAS Mini Hard Gray Tag - 250 PCS

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