EAS Antenna Detection System - Complete Package
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Product Description:

The EAS security antenna is capable of protecting 3 to 6 foot doorways.  The system works at 3 feet with stickers and 6 feet with most hard tags.  The system size is 65 X 13 X 3 in.  This is one of the most durable systems on the market.

The detacher is able to remove pins from all magnetic hard tags.  The detacher is compatible with mini hard tags, large hard tags, golf tags, mini clam tags, regular clam tags, stylus tags,  mini stylus tags, mini stylus with lanyard tag, Sensormatic, AMT 1000 tags, Boxguard Tags, Knogo Super Satalite tags, Knogo Satalite tags, and Onvi Security Tags.  This is the most powerful detacher on the market.  The magnetic force of this detacher is 12,000GS.

The mini tags protect: clothings, dress, hats, and other accessories. Mini square make a great visual theft deterrent. This security tag is a great lightweight visual theft deterrent. Mini Hard Tags use a Flat Head, Cone, or Ink pin to secure sensor to merchandise. The Mini Hard Security Tag can be used with a loop lanyard with pin, or pin lanyard to protect shoes, bags, and some sports equipment. This retail store security tag requires a standard magnetic detacher to remove the pin.

The deactivator is widely used in supermaket, retail stores and clothing stores.  This is a high quality soft label deactivator and it is wear-resistant with a high accuracy.  No additional equipment is require for this deactivator.  Just plug it and it's ready for use.

The 4x4 RF label is the most popular size EAS label, great for any product where a hard tag will not be sufficient.  Security label has a fake barcode printed on it to simulate inventory stocking items.  The bar code labels use a strong adhesive to stick to products.

EAS Antenna Features:

 1. Microprocessor control

 2. Automatic processing of dynamic adjustment process (AGC)

 3. The use of advanced digital signal processing chip technology

 4. Super scan digital electronic systems

 5. Systems durable resistance to damage

 6.  Detecting distance : 3 to 6 feet (and testing specifications related tags)

 7. Center frequency: 8.2MHz ± 0.5MHz

 9. Scanning frequency: 180 ± 1MHz

 10. Detection area: ≥ 95%

 11. Power: ≤ 20W


Package Includes:

One pair of EAS Security Antenna System

One Universal Magnetic Detacher 12000GS

500 PCS of EAS Mini Hard Tag

One EAS Electronic Deactivator for 8.2Mhz Soft Labels

3000 PCS of EAS System Barcode Soft Label RF 8.2MHz





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EAS Antenna Detection System - Complete Package

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